Holidays make me sick!!

Ugh. I hate being sick for the holidays. It never fails. A cold or flu will hunt me down like a kid stalking Santa.

I really would like to figure out why I’m instantly susceptible to viruses on Thanksgiving day (I end every year with a warm cup of dieter’s tea and a vitamin cocktail) πŸ€’ Is this the morning after food blues? The honest truth is that I did gorge on foods that are not necessarily part of my regular diet. I admit I ate turkey and ham 😩😩 Please don’t flog me🀚🏽 I do know better than to eat filthy dirty pig but dammit it tastes good. And well turkey is turkey.

I don’t have the discipline to follow a dietary plan. I love my vegetarian, vegan, and Paleo friends (cudos), but I can’t commit to a regimented anything. I just eat what makes me feel good and avoid what doesn’t. Everything in moderation is my guide (unless it’s cake then moderation doesn’t apply). I only eat meat maybe three meals a week. I just don’t like meat very much. And with a semi-sedentary lifestyle like mine, animal protein is not necessary. So imagine my digestive and endocrine systems reaction to these meats high in sodium and hormones. Well that probably explains the muscle fatigue (you know- stiff shoulders, heavy arms and legs). Which also can be thought of as body aches.

What about the stuffy nose though? πŸ€” Can’t blame that on meat. Of course I could say it’s just a head cold. But it can also be an allergic reaction to something I ate. So let’s just consider that. Remember, I go through this every Thanksgiving without fail. So what are the most common factors? πŸ€” what could it be? DAIRY!!! 😩😩 I ate dairy. 😳

I have not had a drink of milk in over 25 years. I don’t like milk of any kind. Not goat. Not almonds. Not rice. Not hemp. But definitely not from a freaking cow 😷 (No judgment to milk drinkers, I just can’t do it). When I tell people I don’t like milk, they automatically diagnose me as lactose intolerant. Nope, that ain’t it. I had no problem digesting it, I just think the snotty texture is gross. Cheese sure tastes good, but some blends make me feel flush. (Did you know aged cheeses can bring on hot flashes?) But milk and sharp cheddar cheese are key ingredients in my Mommy’s baked macaroni and cheese and milk and salted butter in her sweet potato pie. Mother (in-law) used milk and butter in her pumpkin pie and milk in her scratch cake. All of which I ate with total abandon. Could those be the mucus causing culprits?

I have been taking remedies since yesterday to help me feel better. A vitamin cocktail (2 vitamin C, 2 flax seed capsules (3,6,9), 2 vitamin E) two times a day, and a cup of fresh brewed cranberry, echinacea tea twice a day. Oh and two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar before bed. I’m almost back to normal.

I woke up like this!! My eyes are tired and itchy. I think I should take another nap. My headscarf gives me life tho!Β 

SN: I can’t believe e I posted such a hideous picture of myself 😳😩 but fuck it πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ I’m a real person and I happen to think that I am not the only person that looks like crap the day after a harvest feast. Soooo… reserve all judgment please & thank you

I wonder though.. Am I the only one this happens too? Does holiday food leave any of you with unpleasant symptoms?

The biggest question is what an I gonna eat at Christmas 😩😩😩 or better yet what am I not going to be able to eatπŸ€”

Author: Fuzz

I have many titles and many names. They all genuinely represent aspects of my character, public, and private self. My life's work has consisted of legal and accounting services. My heart's passion is teaching college students how to critically think in order to navigate a world with too many options. This platform is for my creative self. I have been writing stories since I could hold a pencil. My personal philosophies and beliefs have evolved into isms that I live by. I was also a photographer for many, many years. I mainly did portraits, but I do not enjoy it anymore. Now I love to color! All the "artwork" are my digital coloring book creations. Be true. Be authentic. Live your philosophies. I am Fuzz.

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