The Case of the Missing Flashdrive

Walking fresh faced onto a new campus, I thought I’d prepare myself for my 3rd attempt at completing some form of a degree. That was 10 years and 3 majors ago. I splurged and purchased the most beautiful silver flashdrive with a single rhinestone. I don’t know how many gigs it is, but it has plenty of room to hold my life. This little gadget has been a trusty friend. And it is currently no where to be found!! 😩 photo is not the actual drive and I do not own this pic, but it’s the closest I could find to my beloved drive.

Last place seen: That is kinda the problem. I have retraced my steps and can’t remember the exact day or location I had it last. I looked in my bookbag, my pencil bag, my purse, and my wristlet wallet. So all bags covered ✔️ but no flashdrive. Then I checked my husband’s laptop, his desktop, and the printer in the office/prayer room/sewing room/studio. All USB ports searched ✔️, yet no lil drive to be found. Then I checked the pocket of my skinny jeans, flare bottom jeans, and joggers; consequently, I found 76¢ and a cough drop but no trusty shiny information holder.

I went through all this last night and managed not to panic. I felt an anxiety knot in my bottom of my stomach, but I willed it away. I was sure than once I stopped looking, I would find it. I told my husband and he asked me if I looked in every single place I had already looked… 🙄 I decided to sleep and let my inner spirit rest and speak.

I woke up in a panic!!! My inner spirit didn’t reveal the location on my gadget to me in the night! What to do next?!? I did what I felt was best…I told my husband a copy of his social, all our tax returns, and all his corporate documents were on that drive!!! Yes.. I decided not to panic ALONE! (Don’t you dare judge me! I did what I had to do to get him to actually move things out of the way when he’s looking for it) Ok.. Ok… Two things: 1) I know I shouldn’t have those things on a drive that I carry with me EVERYWHERE I go for the last 10 years, but it was convenient. It also had great storage. 2) He wasn’t taking the search seriously enough when he thought it was just ALL my legal case briefs, EVERY paper I ever wrote about Genocide, and ALL my research on the construction of race as a causation and result of the development of a global economic system. I mean they’re just papers right?!? 🤔 I digress but I just needed to make that point 🤷🏽‍♀️

Then I think..”Hey, check with the computer lab. Someone would have turned it in.” I did. And no one did. The helper guy checked every drive they found and it wasn’t there. (Evidently, when they find drives they open them, look for the owner’s name, locate their student email address, and email them that their handy drive has be located). I got no such email. I reassured the nice fella that this must mean it’s at home somewhere. I saw empathy and a little sadness for me in his eyes.

I have duplicates of most of what was on that drive on my Google drive, OneDrive, OneNote, and various computers at home and office. BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT!!!

My secret keeper is missing and I don’t know where she is 😩😩😩


Fuzzz needs your help!! Any ideas where else she can look for her beloved flashdrive?? (Why am I talking in third person?? Desperation will do that to you)

Author: Fuzz

I have many titles and many names. They all genuinely represent aspects of my character, public, and private self. My life's work has consisted of legal and accounting services. My heart's passion is teaching college students how to critically think in order to navigate a world with too many options. This platform is for my creative self. I have been writing stories since I could hold a pencil. My personal philosophies and beliefs have evolved into isms that I live by. I was also a photographer for many, many years. I mainly did portraits, but I do not enjoy it anymore. Now I love to color! All the "artwork" are my digital coloring book creations. Be true. Be authentic. Live your philosophies. I am Fuzz.

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