This was me this morning with my son, Groovy, and my grandgirl, Lil Miss. Both were great teachers and really helped work out a little stiffness in my hips. I can now bow to the divine in them. Namaste. 🙏🏽

The time spent loosening up my joints really did help me pause and reflect. Mainly I wondered…”When the hell did I get so stiff??”

I feel better about my quality of life than I ever have, yet when I get out of a chair my back and hips make a distinct rice crispy crackle sound. Snap. Crackle. Pop. Not just in the morning. It’s soooo disrespectful. It undermines all my other youthful qualities 😞 (my hips are haters)”> Minus the little under-eye puffiness, I don’t look a day over 48!! (Wait🤚🏽 I’m 47🤔).

Most ladies and some thoughtful men have a regular maintenance routine. I oil my face with apricot oil almost every day. I typically just wash my face with water only; nevertheless I do wash it with a moisturizing soap when I’ve been wearing makeup or sweating (I hardly do either). So skin…flawless! Ok, well I may not look my shoe size, but I don’t think my movements should be accompanied by sound effects either. Sorry…I digress.

The yoga session was to get me ready to go ice skating again today. We went on Christmas day. It was so crowded that we figured a follow up visit was needed. Lil Miss does yoga at school everyday. She instructed us to do the tree pose and cradle rocking our legs, which I think helped us tremendously. She is still in the early learning stage of ice skating. I think she spun her wheel of consciousness until her energy level was on 10+

I think that in trying to keep up with this three person class I threw my whole balance out of whack! I got the anti-chakra effect. I fell and bust my ass for the first time. Ok not my ass… My chin to be exact. 😩😩 Sure I’ve fallen before, but not like this. This was a cold cruel fall. I felt like the universe jumped up and popped me dead in my chin. Soooo disrespectful.

My sons rushed over to see if I was ok. I wasn’t. And I said I so. Did I cry? Inside I was bawling. Outside, I was a G about it and wiped my eyeliner smears. They gave me words of reassurance. I skated onward. Then..I..fell..again 🤦🏽‍♀️ All my confidence was left on the ice as Lil Miss Wobbly-Legs said, “Sweet, you ok? You skate like me huh?”

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Author: Fuzz

I have many titles and many names. They all genuinely represent aspects of my character, public, and private self. My life's work has consisted of legal and accounting services. My heart's passion is teaching college students how to critically think in order to navigate a world with too many options. This platform is for my creative self. I have been writing stories since I could hold a pencil. My personal philosophies and beliefs have evolved into isms that I live by. I was also a photographer for many, many years. I mainly did portraits, but I do not enjoy it anymore. Now I love to color! All the "artwork" are my digital coloring book creations. Be true. Be authentic. Live your philosophies. I am Fuzz.

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