Gimme on the brain

"Gimme got his neck broke begging from his kinfolks" ~ My Uncle Tee (everytime I asked for candy money) Lil' Miss. That's my grandgirl and she is sweet as pie. No lie. I call her Lil' Miss because she is very proper in her enunciations and very rational in her thoughts. She's a wise little... Continue Reading →


Cheating on a cheater

Anywho... Of all the many women I heard tales of, I was always assured that the "current" wife did not know. I will admit that I absolutely didn't believe it then or now. How could he turn off his phone in the driveway of your home and you not think that suspicious?

An Empty Shell

Not being present while you're present is equivalent to being out of mind while you're still in sight. Ever eat dinner with someone that was on social networks the majority of the time? They took an "usie" of y'all while you were waiting to be seated. Smile for the 'gram! They snapped y'all's chat about... Continue Reading →

Men All Pause

One minute hormones are screaming "Heyyyy Mister Mister!" And literally the very next second, these moaning hors are rebuking with an "Oh hell no! You betta put all that on pause!" statement. It's so confusing for us all.

Someone else’s shoes

Here is an ism that I encourage my children to live by: Just keep walking and you'll end up in someone else's shoes. Reread it... I'll wait 👍🏽 It has been my observation in life that there is nothing new under the sun. All situations have a component that is universal. We may not all... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Eat Your Cake

I have a serious question. I sincerely need help understanding why I can't have my cake and eat it too. What am I supposed to do with the cake? Just look at it? I'm inclined to think not. Everyone has a different flavor palette, so maybe whoever thought of this saying didn't like cake. That's... Continue Reading →

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