"Boundaries" has become such a buzz word. A trendy catch phrase. Even I have herald "hold that line"! Every time! But do we really understand that the fortress we build around ourselves is designed to keep others out and to keep us in? Everyone seems to agree that we need to secure ourselves against uninvited... Continue Reading →


Schoolgirl Appeal

Oh she's so pious Utterly devout Sitting with her legs crossed Cocoa thighs hanging out Look at how she's saintly Religiously astute Attire of a schoolgirl Brand of prostitute Commentary: I know that seems like an odd thing to write, but this is the dichotomy of womanhood. No matter how reserved and attentive to social... Continue Reading →

The Big Payoff

I know exactly where I'm going. And I know how to get there. But this isn't the first time I've tried to make the journey. I've set out before with a road map and a bag full of aspirations. One minute the sun was shining almost too bright. The next hour there was a gale... Continue Reading →

Start to Finish

You have to pull back on the band to sling shot forward You have to be the black sheep in order to stand out in a flock You have to have the odds of the underdog to win all the loot You have to be underestimated to blow critics away You have to focus past... Continue Reading →

Set my soul free!

"Mercy¬†mercy me!" Lawd, set my soul free! I'm bound by a cord of three. Fighting for my dignity. Alone, I think of my integrity. The path is crooked like a knotty tree. I've tried to work with destiny. Resisting all dominance and tyranny. Restrained myself from too much honey. Kept my eyes from envy. Worked... Continue Reading →

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