Wrapped in confusion

Cloaked in despair

Drowned in denial

Lost love affair

Wrapped in confidence

Cloaked in fanfare

Drowned in decadence

Lost love affair

Daily Prompt::Cloaked


I Still Feel

Like poison to red lips

Draw out my last breath

But only for this pain

I know I can still feel

Like a penny in my pocket

Discard my earnest efforts

Hope has left me here

Pressed down til I’m alone

Like a pedal from a rose

Crash down on my ambitions

Laughing at my heartache

I know I can still feel

Like the pounding of a stone

Stop my hands from reaching

Further than my destiny

Lack is all I own

Like a pigeon on a ledge

Jump my past behind me

Freedom through my heart

I know I can still feel


I wanna do it all!


Buy out da mall

Wad like a million is small

Throw it up… And let it fall

It’ll come back when I call

I gotta be the boss!


Add sparkle to my floss

Carry my tribe like a cross

Pick a move…It’s a toss

My team never heard of a loss

Lol..I ran out of rhymes 🤣🤣 I guess my inner rapper better retire… 🤷🏽‍♀️

Disclaimer: If I hear my bars on the radio, I’m taking credit and royalties💁🏽

Good can’t last…

Everything good spoils if it's held too long.

An apple will rotten.
A tea will mold.
Helpfulness breeds resentfulness
When gratitude turns cold.

Every good thing has a date to turn wrong.

A prized car becomes a clunker.
A blouse makes a rag.
Gravity let's you down
When smiles begin to sag.

Even good things cease being strong.

A rubberband will snap.
A birthday balloon pops.
First love becomes the last
When passion finally stops.

A Fool’s Game

Taking thought to every step
Pay the tax and toll for using the road

Dreaming of ends to need and want
The cloud of hope is lightning bolt filled

Devising to stand on a solid plan
Fast or slow cannot lift feet from sand

Committing every fiber of our soul
A stacked deck where fortunes sold

Binding doubt with thread bare will
Glasses cracked by the lies life told

Choice by choice

Face-to-Face. The Ying and the Yang of things. The mirror image that reflects flaws like through a looking glass.

Back-to-Back. No real partner to be had. What is contained in the brain is the singular point of reference.

Choice-by-Choice. We craft our perspective. Build up weaknesses or rely on known strengths, the choice is ours to make.

Daily prompt: Partner


Encouragement comes when you’re not looking. It sweeps you up from the blues. The uplifting of your spirit reminding you of you.

It takes time to reach a destination. The journey of twists and turns. Yet on the path to greatness, kindness can keep you sustained.

Let’s not forget to empower. To embolden while courage is still young. Let us increase one another as we battle our fights to be won.

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