Live, love, and learn

Out of sight is not out of mind. Not in the case of you and me anyway.

I think about you literally every day. I knew that I should reach out, but I just couldn’t.

I want you to know that I’m ok and my absence has nothing to do with you. It’s all about me.

I’m not being cliche. As much as I love and adore you, I had to give myself quality time.

I’m graduating in May, applying for another program that starts in August, trying to study for the LSAT (not going good), and applying for some faculty jobs.

My first draft was a bit rough, but I learned quite a bit about myself and my motivations to teach. Worthwhile exercise.

Everybody wants an essay these days. They want to know my teaching philosophies or my career objectives. They keep asking why and how. (Shit! I don’t know, but I kinda figured it out)

Sometimes, many times, I think I can juggle it all. It takes me time to grasp the reality that I must put my sanity at the center of my priorities in order to even hear my true intentions for myself.

I stopped smoking (again) and let go of meat. I didn’t like either one very much anyway. Both smell bad and make my head hurt.

I listened to an audiobook on learning to sit in silence. I read two books on healing the body and brain. I joined a support group as an emotional outlet and a crocheting class to develop a fun new coping skills.

Image: I’m making a Cali-King blanket for our bed. I’ve learned that I really dig crocheting❤️

I miss you, but I have to focus on me. I have to be quiet in my spirit. Stay committed in my focus.

I am not good at commitment. I told you that in the beginning. So all my energy is spent staying the course.

Anywho…..I’ve gone on a bit long. But I had to tell you that I’m not gone. I am just off building myself. Learning and living my philosophies.

Sincerely, Fuzz🦋

Me & Mr. 247😍❤️

❤️❤️❤️❤️LOVE Y’ALL❤️❤️❤️❤️

My contribution to the DP Prompt: Grasp

🌺🌺🌺🌺Peace & Blessings🌺🌺🌺🌺

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Good Intentions: The Eye of The Beholder

Many times, we start things with the best intentions. We want to help others. We want to provide for our families. We want to have a little fun. Sometimes what comes next prevents others from seeing our initial good intentions.

The eye of the beholder

We all know that different people see things differently. That’s because we all tend to view things with ourselves at the center. We look outward and determine how what we see relates to us.

If I stand in the opening of a valley, my eye will gravitate towards whatever symbolically represents what I need from the view. When I’m grateful, I watch the sunrise. When I need strength, I look to the hills. When I’m bored, I look for other creatures and bugs to watch for my entertainment. My needs probably have very little to do with why the sun rose, how the hills formed, or what business the ants were busy performing.

Aww… The cool wind blew and I felt refreshed. The sun went down and now my life’s questions are resolved. And they know nothing about my expectations for them to enrich me time and time again.

My perspective is narrow

Truth be told. My perspective is narrow. It is only focused on the parts that I can and want to see. I can zoom focus in and out or turn away from whatever does not interest me. I can miss vital happenings and totally lose clues about my surroundings.

Oh look! A jackrabbit is running (hopping? Running? Skipping? I don’t know but he’s sure moving fast). How exciting! Maybe I can film it and sell the video to National Geo (Go! Blue and yellow!). Oh shit! A coyote is chasing him!! Where did he come from? Why did he have to ruin my shot?!? The whole universe is against me!!!!

Image: Bob Kahn, Drawing on Instinct

This is the same way that we can miss the bigger picture when we are observing the behaviours of other people. We tend to view others that we come in contact with through that same narrow lens. Seeing only the parts that relate to us and our own good intentions.

No judgment y’all. It completely makes sense. If I meet a fellow blogger, chances are that we will be conversant with blogging tips and marketing expertise. Even if we expound on some personal areas, it’s sure to coincide with why and how we started blogging. We will walk away with a great new connection; however, our scope of really understanding what drives the other person is limited. This is also true for what obstacles they may face.

I confess that everyday I wake up with the intention to add one more post to my content. In actuality, I write maybe three days a week. Based on almost every How To Blog article I’ve read, I am doomed to lose the interest of my readers because I fail the daily challenge.

I won’t make excuses, because no one cares WHY you didn’t do something they think you should do. Chances are they’ve already judged through their own needs why you have not lived up to the potential they thought you had. My reasons are mine and the way I see it is narrowed down to me.

Truth: In all honesty, I don’t write everyday, because I don’t have something to say everyday. I do not like to hear myself talk just for the sake of hearing my own voice. My writing is my voice. It’s truly that simple.

Be merciful

Give a little mercy when someone fails to live up to their good intentions. We have to try not to immediately believe that they purposely set out to sabotage us. Our lives may overlap and intersect, but we still have individual goals and objectives.

Our vantage points give us a stingy view of what’s going on in other people’s lives. Be willing to judge other’s intentions with the same grace and mercy that your own mistakes require.

My contribution to the DP Prompt:Conversant

🌺🌺🌺🌺Peace & Blessings🌺🌺🌺🌺

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Life plans

Life is what you make it. So I’ve been told. Sometimes, I wonder if life actually makes me.


I try to be a good planner. I update tasks in my daily planner, on my phone calendar, and in my strategies book (as needed). I’m not tightly wound around my system, but I do get flashes of anger when the day won’t let me tick off tasks. It’s highly possible that it’s a hot flash that was just waiting for an excuse; nevertheless, I think it’s something a smidgen less sinister.

The flow of life doesn’t play well with other forces.

You are either going with the flow or you aren’t. Life does not let you have it both ways. The directive force within life can be collaborated with. It can even be finessed at times. However, it cannot be controlled.

Control is the antithesis of the flow. Control crunches good vibes into a box and then tells it to stop being square. Control restricts the energy of the mind and the body of the visionary from being able to see and do.

Where list making is a wonderful technique to stay on track, it cannot become so legalistic that you are unable to live off the grid. There are days when you may have to constantly readjust your priorities. That’s ok, within reason. You do not have to scrap your entire agenda, because the baby got sick or an visitor stopped by. Let your plan be good enough to leave room for life.

Don’t plan your way out of opportunities.

Guilty, as charged! I have most definitely planned my way right out of great opportunities. I was so focused on getting everything right for when a door would open, that I didn’t even notice when the door DID open.

Image: Fortune Builders

I get sucked into the planning vortex; blurring my peripheral vision. I’m caught up in the excitement and can’t see a damn thing. I kept my focus on the tasks, but forgot the purpose.

You do not have to compromise excellence in order to keep a balanced focus. I have experienced the strain of mulling a question over and around in my head and it wasn’t until I played with my grandbabies for a little while that the answer became clear. I gave myself a break and my thoughts slowly untangled. I could follow the linear thought train much easier than digging out ideas from the hot heap.

Look up from your papers sometimes.

Diligence is a great quality to have. In so many ways, good old fashioned hard work can help you accomplish more than planning can. Planning let’s you logically map out responses to every conceivable contingency. The hands on dirty work brings you face-to-face with previously inconceivable scenarios that push you to craft solutions on the spot. Innovation!

Image: Buzzle

If for no other reason, look up so your neck will stop hurting. Seriously, you are carrying all that stress and tension in your neck and shoulders. Relax. When you look up, you will spot new possibilities. You won’t lose sight of the world around you. You won’t miss out on opportunities to live.

My humble submission to DP Prompt: Compromise

Copyright, 2018. R. Frank. All rights reserved.

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Sonrise: Feb. 18th

“Who is going to harm you if you are eager to do good? But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened.” ~ 1 Peter 3:13-14


Who is going to harm you if you want to do good?

A lot of people will. The world will. I’m not pessimistic, but the reality is that critics are all around us. This world preaches love and propagates hate. My country leads the hatemongers. Promoting false truths that are contrary to goodness and decency; twisting neighborly love into social irresponsibility. I have the right to express my opinion in this way, but it would be foolish of me to think that someone may not see the good in my intentions of stating it.

The Word of God is a book of love. It is a book of compassion. It is a guide to living abundantly within set universal principles that are true regardless of who uses them. A child or a bird can drop a seed on the ground and given the right conditions it will grow.

If I isolate myself and only talk about my love of Christ to others that believe just like me, then I am acceptable. If I talk to people of other faiths about why I hold strongly to the premise of a triune God, I’m seen as toeing a fine line. Perhaps too much conversation will lead to my conversion, instead of theirs. (I’ll explain later but for now please insert hysterical laughter here). What if I actually have a discourse with someone who does not believe in a God of any sort at all? My peers may fear for my life and soul, so they will insist that I come away from the edge of dark influence. I’m not making fun or taking those concerns lightly, but “Who is going to harm me if I am eager to do good?”

But even if you should suffer, you are blessed.

I believe that. I’m not out here looking for ways to suffer, but I’ve observed that it comes along with life sometimes. There will always be people that do not like who you are. People who will disagree with what you say. Entities looking to dismantle organizations that promote good. Readers that will unfollow you. These are par for the course.

A bitter tear does not dilute the ocean of goodness that I have witnessed. My feet have been washed in peaceful streams. My faith was made stronger standing against unseen currents and crashing waves. The goodness of God cannot be undone.

Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened.

Your gifts and skills are uniquely matched for you and your journey to reconcile your existence with God. In the heart of every person, there is a desire to know how they are connected to the enormous systems that make up the universe. Some people focus on only what they can see and touch. Some look for meanings in relationships, ecosystems, and stars. The search, the wonder is in us all, because we are surrounded by the awesomeness of things we can’t explain.

For me, those answers are found in my relationship with God. I am awe stricken at His willingness to let me in on a secret or two. I’ve also learned to respect that some of my inquires get into things that are simply not my business and a “no access” is for my good. I don’t have to have all my questions answered in order to put stock in the things I do know.

Image: Helpful Inspiration Blog

I do not have to be afraid to share the gospel of Christ. People will listen and receive my testimony or they won’t. That is not my business. They will read deeper into the scriptures or they won’t. Still not my business. They will love me or they won’t. That is also not my business. I just simply present my testimony for those who want to know why I choose to live and believe the way I do. My heart loves to share the revelations of God as I have witnessed them; that is the blessing. So what is there to fear?

That’s the good I’m eager to do. What about you?

Open Invitation:

I know that everyone comes to the revelation of God in their own time. He calls us each individually. If you’ve heard the call, but not sure how to answer, below is a way to get here. The road map is simple, but that’s what makes it so hard. Read the prayer below out loud to yourself so that your ears hear the words. Faith comes by hearing.

🌺🌺🌺🌺 Peace & Blessings🌺🌺🌺🌺


Google Masters

I try not to call people dumbasses

So saying rube will do

It has nothing to do with locale

I’m not trying to be real rude

But there is no Masters of Google Science

Their informations late

They read an old fake article

And now they can debate?

Give me a break

Zilch first hand experience

about the topics they discuss

Pundits of bad politics

Opinions ooze like brain puss

I am all for public discourse

Conversations to relate

But when I tolerate a dumbass

It makes my left brain ache

This meme really lit my wick! I live in an open carry state, where we now have college campus carry laws and yet our major Independent School Districts are closing schools because of budget cuts. 🤔 The two things seem only loosely related huh? Except that in the near future, college educators can expect more ill-equipped students to show up in our lecture halls armed! Giving out failing grades to emotionally immature young adults or over zealous ol’ heads is hard enough, but it’s a little tougher when you know that there are GUNS in the room and you don’t know who has them! Oh and my guns aren’t schooled issued because it’s not in the education budget!!! It’s a gotta bring your own kinda thing 🤷🏽‍♀️

This is my humble submission for the DP Prompt: Rube


Copyright, 2018. R. Frank. All rights reserved.

🌺🌺🌺🌺Peace & Blessings🌺🌺🌺🌺

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Choice over fate

If I

Ever would have thought

That this is

A matter for my heart

I would

Abandon all the cause

Stop there

I’m gonna needa pause

Do you

Even understand

Why I

Choose to love one man

It ain’t ordained

In my brain

That way

Puttin on

Like a costume

Juggling dudes

That you consume

Looks bad

Judgement at the gate

But choice

Is not

The same as fate

Makes me think

It’s just

some trophy shit

Helps the ego

Finally go legit

But I

Do it anyway

Because at

The end of everyday

I don’t

Wanna remember names

Burn games

flame pains

I’d rather

I’d rather

Match his comfort

To my stress

Tweak his vision

To my quest

Sleep real tight

At our best

Choose one man

Fuck the rest

My humble contribution to the DP Prompt: Costume


Copyright, 2018. R. Frank. All rights reserved.

🌺🌺🌺🌺Peace & Blessings🌺🌺🌺🌺

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Heal-thy Self

I am feeling much better after my bout with the flu. It was pretty freaking horrendous, but I’m built to last (until my time expires). The body aches were so bad that at one point I thought I just might have to see a doctor.

I will confess, admit, reveal, share that I am not a fan of doctor visits. Doctors of psychology, anthology, literature, and abscure social sciences get higher credence from me then general practitioners. Jack of all trades; Masters of none. Harsh? I know, but so is a profession that pushes cures with side effects that will kill you before your original malady does.

As people, I am sure that there are some wonderfully compassionate and literate practitioners. I’ve met one or two during visits my husband forced upon me. He will chaperone me to make sure I don’t ditch out. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Oh! Wait… You think I’m scared? Ummm hell to the naw I ain’t scared. I just respect that practitioners are practicing how to discover disease. Dis-ease. It is not their job to give you a 100% clean bill of health, which by the way should come with a deductible waiver. You came to see them because you’re ailing. It is their job to find out why. You made a checkup appointment to make sure all is well. For your copay, they will gladly help you find borderline issues that you should monitor.

Yes. Of course, if I broke my neck I’d want a neurosurgeon on my team. Duh. If I had a stroke, I’d listen to the physical and occupational therapist recommendations. But I’m not just going to volunteer my body up for scrutiny, lest I come out with some new lab engineered retrovirus. And please before the lectures on this point begins just remember S.H.E.M. (syphilis, HIV, Ebola, Mercer). The list is longer, but I think that’s a cool enough acronym.

Do I have distrust that diseases are created and administered by medical professionals? Knowingly and unknowingly. All doctors? Hell no! But can you look in their face and tell which one signed up for a new patient study… Nope.

You know there’s more money in treatments than cures, right? Think that through.

Ok. I will try to simplify my personal thoughts on this. I am not against doctors, I am for healing. I believe that my body is a large system that is comprised of smaller interconnected systems. These systems work independently and in unison to allow my body to function at it’s prime capacity. If I neglect any one of those systems, I will create a dis-ease in my systems functionality. I may also have genetic markers that triggers certain dis-ease when certain conditions exist. Soooo first, I take personal responsibility for how I treat and care for the body I have. I know what I can eat and what I can’t and I try my best not to tempt fate by consuming things my body has adverse reactions to. Second, diagnostics can help you know what you’re body is working against. I may scoff at exams, but some of the testing can provide you valuable information that shouldn’t be overlooked. This step should equipt you to take care of point one.

I love love love avacados, but they make my eyes itch. I love peanut butter, but recently I noticed when I eat it my throat gets scratchy. So guess what, I don’t eat avacados or peanut butter anymore 😩😩

I know these are minor allergies and nothing compared to major health challenges. I’ve also seen people with “borderline” hypertension start taking medication and within a year their blood pressure is out of control. The medicine is not formulated to make you better. And now instead of one pill, you’re taking four. But then again, you’re still eating salt and pepper pistachios by the bag and cooking pork roasts for Sunday dinner. It’s a relationship y’all..

I don’t think I have to get sick to prove I’m healed. I can just live a healthy life. That doesn’t mean I’ll never get sick (that flu proved that). I just don’t think I have to stay sick and my first line of defense is taking responsibility to care for and nurture my body back to wellness. I believe God and I believe my body was designed for this life. I also believe that death happens to everyone, but that’s a whole nutha’ topic.

Anti-Flu Vitamin Cocktail:

  • 2 Black Seed Oil capsules
  • 2 Vitamin C tablets
  • 1 Echinacea capsule
  • 1 garlic tablet (or 1 raw clove)

I took this cocktail 3 times a day for the first 3 days. I was also rotating Motrin/Tylenol for my fever. I did basic yoga stretches at least once a day, but I tried for three. I walked the gameroom for 10 minutes twice a day. This was exhausting but it really helped with the body aches.

(Disclaimer: I am not a physician of any sort. I am not making a medical recommendation. I am simply sharing what has worked for me. Meditate on it❤️)

🌺🌺🌺🌺 🌺STAY WELL🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

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Doses of Lovin’

Young kisses on an old neck

Ageless lustiness warms the skin

Motions rolling through arthritic joints

Quiver through all 50 shades

Gray hair volume tangled, matted

Smooth skin yields folds to the moans

Weathered spots dampen the luminous glow

Ignoring new growths and moles

Life lovers tend biannually to the webs

A lifetime in seven minute increments

DP Prompt: Tend

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