LOL out that box!

I can be a little crafty from time to time. Both cunning and beguiling. Artful and designing. ~Fuzz

So Lil Miss has this thing for LOL Dolls. Never heard of them? Well, let me tell you that they are the little girl craze! They come encased in a fizz bomb that seems to increase the screeches and yays as she stands there anticipating which tiny doll is inside.

Yep! That’s the surprise! You don’t know which doll you will uncover. (Hmm, somebody is getting paid for that clever marketing trick). Anyways…. She loves them and I love her, so when she started to complain about your dolls not having a house I had to fix that.

“Heeeyyyy girl!”

“Hey Sweet!”

“I can show you how to build a dollhouse out of a box, if you want?”

“Ok! Ok! They need a house.”

“Yes, they do. It will be fun. We can paint the outside and decorate with wall paper.”

“Ok. Or Sweet?”


“You could just buy me a doll house from the store…..”

Well I’m not that kind of Sweet (grandma)! I’m the kind that believes in the promise of art and the hope of creativity! I believe in the courage of projects and the strength of individualism.

Here is Lil Miss and our doll house building materials!


  1. A box. Big. Small. Two boxes or more. Your dream house should fit to your imagination!
  2. Scissors. You will use them to cut windows and doors. You can remove the box flaps if you want an open roof or open wall concept.
  3. Paper! We bought four sheets of designed scrapbook paper. Super cheap but makes great wall paper and flooring.
  4. Glue. Self explanatory. I used good ol’ Elmer’s glue, because peeling glue off your hands is fun.
  5. Paint & brushes/sponges. We used these to spice up the exterior.
  6. Stickers. Every house needs a little artwork. A few personal touches. We accomplished that with scrapbook stickers!
  7. A kid or a parent. Because let’s face it… Teamwork makes the dream work!!!

“Not so much!” This is exactly why we end up with glue on our literally!!

Hope y’all like House #24!

I told Lil Miss’ momma that if she plays with her homemade house, I’d buy her one with furniture and all. I don’t want to waste money on another toy that will get neglected.

Well, she’s uses it a lot. Even makes sure her LOL’S sleep in there at night. Now that’s an attitude of gratitude! Looks like I better get to shopping!!

LOL Surprise Dolls

Scrapbook paper

Craft Supplies

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Speak on it

Your purpose is always tied to your service ~ Fuzz (I say that)

I’ve been doing some soul searching and prioritizing. I’ve been asked if I do speaking engagements. I have and I do, but I’m ready to really just focus my topics to those things I am most passionate about.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing so many people that champion for different aspects of social change. They are in the trenches empowering the youth, educating the delivered, and embracing the brokenhearted. I will gladly add my voice to uplift those who are working towards solving problems in their communities and schools.

The following topics run my entire life.

  1. Homeschooling as a economic and political answer to the prison-pipeline school systems. Parent’s choice.
  2. Economic empowerment through entrepreneurial education. The fundamentals of structure, strategy, and compliance.
  3. Perpetrators, advocates, and the targeted other. The personification of genocide and war crimes.

I am not an economist, but I do recognize how the allocation and distribution of resources influence all three of my bullet points. By education, I am a criminologist and paralegal. A researcher. By design, I am an orator. A teacher.

Maybe that explains my list. Taking control of the education of our children will be key in developing future innovators and entrepreneurs that will be in position to advocate for those who were denied access to tools and opportunities. The goal is to be at the top where the C.R.E.A.M. rises, so that individually and collectively we have leverage in unequal systems.

Topography: Kent Flores

So I guess the first step is offering my thoughts on why it is vital for parents to take control of their childrens education. In my personal experience, the school structure (public, private, charter, etc) does not predict successful outcomes. Parent involvement does. Parents acting as advocates for their children is an essential responsibility that cannot be minimized.

There will always be reasons and objections to why it may be impossible to homeschool. To each, his own. If your child is failing, being bullied, or just not thriving, you owe it to that child to at minimum educate yourself on the many options that exist.

Remember, the economics don’t lie. Some schools are seriously underfunded. They have teachers and administrators who care. They are staples in their communities even as they struggle to meet students needs. Schools that are substandard still receive a certain amount of funding based on student enrollment. If the teachers are great and the community around the school embraces the youth, then forming study groups and reading clubs can be wonderful ways for the parent organizations to maximize the school’s efforts. Sewing clubs and cooking classes can be organized in apartment recreation rooms or neighborhood youth centers. These locations may want to offer life skills programs, but they need parents like you to volunteer.

Deviant Art: Jeremy Pixeller

Now for the schools where there is more danger than education, then it’s time to reallocate funding. Most homeschool programs are connected to conventional school districts, so only a portion of the funding remains with the district. Many who join the homeschool community do so because of lax discipline policies, discriminatory treatment based on race, ethnicity, and religion, and their child’s lack of engagement and excitement about learning. The bureaucratic policies that lead to these conditions will not be fixed by protests, complaints, or news stories. They will be corrected when there is a monetary penalty imposed by unsatisfied tax payers. Reallocate your funding.

I homeschooled for various reasons and at several stages in my children’s education. The first time was about 20 yrs ago and there were no standardized curriculums for free. I used Abeka curricula books that I would purchase from teacher supply stores. I did it because I wanted them to know that there is more than one way to accomplish goals. I wanted them to know that they could learn to create opportunities for themselves where none previously existed. I wanted them to know that all learning styles matter.

Affiliate resources (see Disclaimer below)

Learn to educate your children

A Beka K5 Homeschool Child Full-Grade Kit (Manuscript Edition), NEW EDITION

By the time I decided to homeschool my junior high student 7 years ago, these great free online programs were available! These programs are typically connected to your local school district, so that State testing and college readiness activities are still available to your child. What made it even better is that colleges and universities began accepting students from accredited homeschool programs in a more streamline way. Students in non-accredited programs must make sure that they participate in all mandatory State testing requirements in order to qualify for enrollment.

Well I really went in a slight tangent about bullet 1 lol. I believe in putting this option in front of my other objectives, because our children are our future (literally)! I want as many parents as possible to know that the platforms of education are still evolving. You do not have to submit your children to the status quo. It is not enough to recognize that systems are breaking our children. We are culpable if we leave them in environments that are stomping out their innovative and creative lights. We have a responsibility to at minimum consider our choices… Conventional and unconventional.

(c) Copyright, 2018. R. Frank. All rights to text reserved.

Want to know more? Read this great article by The Brookings Institute.

Disclaimer: This article may include affiliate links. Utilizing them does not result in additional charges for you, but it does allow The Fuzz Blog to earn a few coins to keep the movement going.

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Win-Win Winter Crafts

I won 6 beautiful skeins of Lion Brand Fun Yarn! The most vibrant and fun-inspiring colors! See look πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Shucky ducky! Ain’t I lucky! I won a free prize!

I never play; henceforth, I never win. This time I decided to not be so shy and put my best bid in. And… It worked!

I won 6 beautiful skeins of Lion Brand Fun Yarn! The most vibrant and fun-inspiring colors! See look πŸ‘‡πŸ½

A wonderful craft blogger that I follow, Hannah’s Loop hosted her 100 Followers Giveaway Celebration in November. (If you do ANY kind of crafting, she is an artist to follow!) All I could think about were all the things me and Lil Miss could do with these bright colors and soft textures.

WINNING!! We are going to make blankets for her babydolls, Molly, Polly, Olly, and Golly!

Me, Lil Miss, Molly & Polly (Baby Alive Twins)I think I look tired in this picture. I probably was. I think this was when her mom was in labor with King Chubb. I’m always willing to take a picture with my great grand-doll children.πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Anywho…Molly and Polly are her Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye twins. I can’t tell them apart so I don’t know which is which πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. I think they could also use a hat or two. Their hair is always out of control. I tell Lil Miss that just because her kids have natural hair doesn’t mean she can’t take a wet brush to it.

WIN-WIN!!! Over break, we did finish her first quilting project! Yay us!!! Whoop whoop!

She received a Trolls Easy Make Your Own Fleece Quiltkit from her Nanny (aka Godmother). It was an easy age-appropriate introduction to making knot quilts. There were 20 precut fleece squares included. The material is 100% polyester. Enough come in the kit to make several small quilts or one large 59″ x 39″ quilted throw.

Look at those colors!!

We laid out our material and organized the block pattern of her choice. (After all, it’s her blanket)Tying the knot was a little difficult for her small hands. The age rating on the kit is 6+ and she is 6.5 years old. She was able to do the first part of the tie and then I would go behind her and complete the second loop over and pull through to achieve the knot! Team work makes the DreamWorks!!

Lil Miss selected and smoothed on her embellishments. (I would have picked a few of the small patches, but heeeyyyy it’s not my blankie or my business to interfere with her creative expression). The appliques came in a variety of sizes and shapes. They have adhesive on the back and stick firmly within seconds. I do not think they will be washer friendly, but if she really wants it to last we can quick stitch them down. In the end, the overall quality is good enough for what is needed for!

She was so excited about her finished product! It was an 1.5 hours well spent time! The new skill and memory will last FOREVER!!!

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This was me this morning with my son, Groovy, and my grandgirl, Lil Miss. Both were great teachers and really helped work out a little stiffness in my hips. I can now bow to the divine in them. Namaste. πŸ™πŸ½

The time spent loosening up my joints really did help me pause and reflect. Mainly I wondered…”When the hell did I get so stiff??”

I feel better about my quality of life than I ever have, yet when I get out of a chair my back and hips make a distinct rice crispy crackle sound. Snap. Crackle. Pop. Not just in the morning. It’s soooo disrespectful. It undermines all my other youthful qualities 😞 (my hips are haters)”> Minus the little under-eye puffiness, I don’t look a day over 48!! (Wait🀚🏽 I’m 47πŸ€”).

Most ladies and some thoughtful men have a regular maintenance routine. I oil my face with apricot oil almost every day. I typically just wash my face with water only; nevertheless I do wash it with a moisturizing soap when I’ve been wearing makeup or sweating (I hardly do either). So skin…flawless! Ok, well I may not look my shoe size, but I don’t think my movements should be accompanied by sound effects either. Sorry…I digress.

The yoga session was to get me ready to go ice skating again today. We went on Christmas day. It was so crowded that we figured a follow up visit was needed. Lil Miss does yoga at school everyday. She instructed us to do the tree pose and cradle rocking our legs, which I think helped us tremendously. She is still in the early learning stage of ice skating. I think she spun her wheel of consciousness until her energy level was on 10+

I think that in trying to keep up with this three person class I threw my whole balance out of whack! I got the anti-chakra effect. I fell and bust my ass for the first time. Ok not my ass… My chin to be exact. 😩😩 Sure I’ve fallen before, but not like this. This was a cold cruel fall. I felt like the universe jumped up and popped me dead in my chin. Soooo disrespectful.

My sons rushed over to see if I was ok. I wasn’t. And I said I so. Did I cry? Inside I was bawling. Outside, I was a G about it and wiped my eyeliner smears. They gave me words of reassurance. I skated onward. Then..I..fell..again πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ All my confidence was left on the ice as Lil Miss Wobbly-Legs said, “Sweet, you ok? You skate like me huh?”

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Parents need good standards

We raised our children with rules to follow. Standards. Expectations of how they conducted themselves. Don’t lie (thieves lie so if you’ll lie you might steal). Don’t spit (it’s gross)! Don’t date until you’re sixteen (sons and daughters). Simple don’ts.

I caught several of them in lies over their preteen and teen years. Things like “I’m going to So-and-so’s house”, but I catch you walking on the other side of town with Whose-dat. Or “Did you guys clean the kitchen and the living room?” “Oh yeah Mom. It’s been done”. Lies. Fuckin’ lies. With my key in the door, I could hear them scrambling to put my house back together again.

They proved to me that liars tend to steal too. Now I didn’t raise no outright thieves or nothing, but they definitely took candy money out of my change jar. The dollar bills always remained, but quarters and dimes sure came up missing. πŸ˜‚ The funny in that is that organized pilfering was the whole point of the jar!! It’s where I’d send them for ice cream truck money, last minute field trip money, and a little teenage gas money (you can’t get too far on $3 worth of change when a gallon costs $4 πŸ€”πŸ€£). I’ve come to realize that telling kids “don’t” translates to “do” in their ears. That doesn’t mean don’t say “don’t”. It means be prepared for when they “do” the “don’t”. Telling boys not to spit is equivalent to saying “don’t piss on the toilet seat”. There’s always slip ups and spit drips. I remember very clearly watching my Hubby watch the boys see who could make their loogie hang the closest to the ground and then slurp it up. 🀒 GROSS!!!!!! I married their nasty-ass ring leader πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

So you can image how the “don’t date until you’re sixteen” thing worked out. I will say that 4 out of 6 were obedient. The two that didn’t now admit that they emotionally scarred themselves forever. (WHICH IS WHY IT WAS AGAINST THE RULES!!) Now they understand that we were trying to protect their mental and emotional health, as well as physical. Especially our sons. Girls are so wishy washy and fickle that young men can be drug on an emotional roller coaster, put through the love ringer, and then hung out to dry (and get no sympathy for the severity of their heartbreak).

Men and women are fed lies that men do not feel love to the same depth and capacity as women. I call bullshit!!! That lie robs them of genuine experiences, because partners can be callous to their vulnerability. It was easier getting our daughter to stick with the rule, since it socially acceptable for parents to restrict the social lives of girls. Dating rules are not equally applied to boys, but they need the same parental protection.

Rules. Rules. Rules. Standards is what I call them. I know that my kids didn’t always obey them. They tested every barrier to see if it was sturdy. They never went far past the fence. I know as adults they will understand why those rules were there and appreciate parents that provided boundaries and buffers.

Now I get to sit back at laugh when my grandkids break their rules! βœ”οΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ½

2017 Favorites

I enjoyed so many of the submissions for the 2017 Favorite Photo Challenge! I decided to look through my photos on my iPhone to see if I had captured anything worth considering as a favorite. I found three.

I changed them to b/w or sepia, because I am having these printed for my family album. Again, these were taken with my iPhone so not the crispest shots; however, each caught a moment that couldn’t be posed or recreated.

Not My Son“~My grandboy rests so comfortably in his mother’s arms, because she is his nurturer and protector at all times. The lies about Black men and women in America will never be rooted in his mind or soul. We will make sure of that.

I love all the natural lines in this photo. Her cheekbones are amazing! 😍

This peculiar man is my Daddy! He has had several strokes and seizures, which has caused him to suffer from dementia. I took him to get a new pair of glasses and he said, “Rhon-Rhon take Daddy’s picture and send it to your sister. I think I like these.”

Jump Up and Over” Mar and Rem got married! Yay!! #HappyLeighEverAfter

This shot is EVERYTHING!! And I had one time to get that genuine expression. So glad I did πŸ‘°πŸ½

Right in the kisser“~ My newest grandboy can’t defend himself from Grandad’s kisses ❀️

This one was posed (sorta πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ) Levi was asleep. He kept stretching and throwing his hand back at CW’s face. Everytime CW would kiss it, the baby would snatch his hands back like “stop Granddad!” Lol

Groovy Son Come Home” ~ Our oldest son is a musician and DJ. He lives in another state. We have not seen him in 5 years. We understood the struggle that comes with being an indie artist, but boy we missed seeing him face to face. Hugging him. Kissing his face. Twisting his hair lol. We’re so proud that the music is finally paying all his bills. Now he’s renting a house with solid roommates, has a new car (still can’t picture him in a Camry, but hey it’s a sensible purchase), and he bought his own plane ticket! And we get to keep him until the new year!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my 2017 Favorite iPhone photos. I’m feeling really nostalgic right now.

DP Photo Challenge::2017 Favorites

Copyright 2017. R Frank. All rights reserved.

A Stitch In The Meantime

What do you do to pass the time while you’re busy passing the time? I swear it’s not a trick question. I’m just sitting here at my sewing machine to do some relaxing quilting, while I wait for my brain to process information that I read for a final term paper.

The paper is on “The Fifth Race: Diasporic Cultures and the Road Toward Humanism”. That’s my title. Don’t steal it 😩 I read two books πŸ“˜πŸ“•and many, many, many journal articles πŸ“šπŸ“šand International Criminal Court memorandums πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈin order to narrow my topic down. But my brain is sleepy now. We just wanna craft while we wait…

Support your local library and bookstores. Nothing beats print!

So in the meantime, in between time, I am going to start my next grandboy quilt. I am by no means a pro at this, but it makes my soul feel good.

When selecting material I simply walk around Joann’s Fabric or Hobby Lobby until I find something that “looks” like the person. When I first started sewing blankets (that I called quilts, but weren’t really quite quilts), I would go to the thrift store and buy sheets and fabric shower curtains to use. (Don’t be bougie! Just wash em!) They were already cut to size basically and if I didn’t like the project it only cost me $5. Eh good deal. I also liked that the fabric was a little worn so the blankets were cozy right away. So economics, aesthetics, and laziness were my creative motivations (I don’t like or understand proper measurements). No magic. No statistical analysis.

Do you see my embroidery hoop? I have a new stitch to try. 😊

Now this will be my first time using a poly-fil. I chose an extra loft, because I want it to be cozy after many washes. I don’t know a lot about filling (I use to just use an old blanket and repurpose it), but I’m trying to grow my skill set. And my mother-in-law keeps asking me over and over and over again if I’m going to fill them. I take it that’s her subtle hint that I should lol.

My thoughts: These babies are gonna sweat like hell under these thick ass quilts.

I doubt I’ll ever do fancy log cabins and I don’t really want too. I think they’re cool looking, but I don’t want to cut and measure all those squares and triangles. I checked out a book once that told me all about how quilt patterns contained the hidden messages and directions for the underground railroad! Like how freaking cool is that! But I’m not really trying to get in the quilt for show league. I want them to be used until they’re threadbare.

My Granny taught me to handstitch and make patterns when I was about 10 yrs old. I still make my own patterns or repurpose (there’s that word again lol) them to make original designs. Haven’t sewn a dress in over 20 yrs, but whatever I sewed was sewn by hand. And I liked it that way. Fast forward to about 8 yrs ago. I basically inherited my first and only sewing machine from my Aunt Shirley and it came with all of her and Grandma Emmie’s patterns, threads, books, and a tote full of quilt materials. I try to use their things to keep quilting alive. Perfectly matches with my desire to create heirlooms for my family. 😍

Well… Back to the essay I go πŸ‘πŸ½

Gimme on the brain

“Gimme got his neck broke begging from his kinfolks” ~ My Uncle Tee (everytime I asked for candy money)

Lil’ Miss. That’s my grandgirl and she is sweet as pie. No lie. I call her Lil’ Miss because she is very proper in her enunciations and very rational in her thoughts. She’s a wise little diviner of life’s truths. An ol’ soul I’d suppose. I will not brag on her much, but it’s important that you know that when I quote her these are her actual factual words.

So my precious dumpling is in the first grade. She is six. Her teacher has instructed that each student bring a gift for “needy” children. The class goal is to collect at least 10 gifts (which sounds low considering the are 16 kids in her class but heeeyyyy Mrs. Washington knows the parents as well as the kids). Failure to bring something will result in a 50% grade for participation. Lil Miss is not about that 50% grade life, so she lays out the particulars to her mom.

“Mommy, I need 10 gifts for the needy kids. Mrs. Washington said it’s our responsibility.”

“Well, 10 gifts is a lot. Why 10? How many gifts is your class trying to collect?”

“Well, she said the class goal is 10, so I want to make sure that we meet the goal. It’s sorta my responsibility.”

“Ummm, it’s not your responsibility to bring them all. Leave some for your friends to bring, but we’ll buy 4.”

“Good! So Mommy that means when I give these needy kids 4 gifts, I’ll get 4 gifts back?”

And that folks is the heart of a child! I know adults that still possess this same give so I can receive philosophy…. But I digress.

The great WIIFM!! What’s in it for me?!

So my daughter, Smooch, tries to explain that this is not a gift exchange. The collection of toys is for a donation. The intent is to give nice gifts to children who otherwise may not receive any.

“I like gifts too”, Lil Miss interjects.

“I know, but you have a Mommy and Daddy, and Sweet and Granddad, and Grandma and Grandmommy who will all buy you gifts. This is a good deed to help others not as fortunate.”

“I don’t think I’ll be very fortunate either if I don’t get presents back.” 😐

I think Smooch did good job providing a reasonable explanation and assurance to Lil Miss that she would not be forgotten. And I think the answer contained the right ingredients to introduce her to social inequalities and a civic reasonability to those who are victims of circumstances that they did not create. Children. Parents. Families.

I need to put a sidenote here: I do not like or appreciate the implications associated with the term “needy”. I get that it’s defined as “being in want” (thanks Merriam-Webster). The connotation is that these children want whatever little we can spare. It’s a feel good slogan for the giver. Removing themselves from these destitute “others”. The needy. Those people. Give not according to what you think these children want, but what you know is needful. Don’t purchase what’s cheap because you think the “needy” should be grateful. Buy what’s enriching so that the less fortunate can be uplifted. $5 can buy a knockoff Barbie whose knees don’t bend (ummm whack!) or a puzzle or coloring books and crayons. It’s not the money, it’s the good fortune to possess tools that nurture creativity. I full on digressed right there lol.

Soooo anywho…Smooch calls me so that I can help lead Lil Miss towards joyful giving. She was not having it though. We talked about how this is not a Christmas party, but a donation drive. I conveyed in every way possible that these children would not open the gifts in front of her. The presents would be distributed so that they can open them at home. We even went back through “it’s better to give than receive”. She was like “yeah soooo… I’m just saying that they should give me something too.”

That’s it! My nerves got tired, “Look little girl, these kids may have lost everything in the storm, including their school clothes, books, and toys. Their parents had to fix their houses and get new furniture. They don’t have money to be playing Santa right now. So you’re gonna have to step up and be their Santa instead.” Sheesh..πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

“Oh. They need me to be their Santa?”


“Cus they still believe in Santa?”


“Oh ok, because I’d be really sad if these children thought that Santa forgot all about them. That would hurt my feelings that they’re hurt that way.”

Peace on Earth restored!

“But Sweet..I really do like toys too and I still think that I should get something for doing a good deed.”

Argh!! “Lil girl! I know you understand what I’ve been saying. You just don’t wanna do right!”

I hear a sigh..”I do wanna do right. I just can’t help it cus I like toys.”

“I like toys too sweetheart.” 😘

The Case of the Missing Flashdrive

Walking fresh faced onto a new campus, I thought I’d prepare myself for my 3rd attempt at completing some form of a degree. That was 10 years and 3 majors ago. I splurged and purchased the most beautiful silver flashdrive with a single rhinestone. I don’t know how many gigs it is, but it has plenty of room to hold my life. This little gadget has been a trusty friend. And it is currently no where to be found!! 😩 photo is not the actual drive and I do not own this pic, but it’s the closest I could find to my beloved drive.

Last place seen: That is kinda the problem. I have retraced my steps and can’t remember the exact day or location I had it last. I looked in my bookbag, my pencil bag, my purse, and my wristlet wallet. So all bags covered βœ”οΈ but no flashdrive. Then I checked my husband’s laptop, his desktop, and the printer in the office/prayer room/sewing room/studio. All USB ports searched βœ”οΈ, yet no lil drive to be found. Then I checked the pocket of my skinny jeans, flare bottom jeans, and joggers; consequently, I found 76Β’ and a cough drop but no trusty shiny information holder.

I went through all this last night and managed not to panic. I felt an anxiety knot in my bottom of my stomach, but I willed it away. I was sure than once I stopped looking, I would find it. I told my husband and he asked me if I looked in every single place I had already looked… πŸ™„ I decided to sleep and let my inner spirit rest and speak.

I woke up in a panic!!! My inner spirit didn’t reveal the location on my gadget to me in the night! What to do next?!? I did what I felt was best…I told my husband a copy of his social, all our tax returns, and all his corporate documents were on that drive!!! Yes.. I decided not to panic ALONE! (Don’t you dare judge me! I did what I had to do to get him to actually move things out of the way when he’s looking for it) Ok.. Ok… Two things: 1) I know I shouldn’t have those things on a drive that I carry with me EVERYWHERE I go for the last 10 years, but it was convenient. It also had great storage. 2) He wasn’t taking the search seriously enough when he thought it was just ALL my legal case briefs, EVERY paper I ever wrote about Genocide, and ALL my research on the construction of race as a causation and result of the development of a global economic system. I mean they’re just papers right?!? πŸ€” I digress but I just needed to make that point πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Then I think..”Hey, check with the computer lab. Someone would have turned it in.” I did. And no one did. The helper guy checked every drive they found and it wasn’t there. (Evidently, when they find drives they open them, look for the owner’s name, locate their student email address, and email them that their handy drive has be located). I got no such email. I reassured the nice fella that this must mean it’s at home somewhere. I saw empathy and a little sadness for me in his eyes.

I have duplicates of most of what was on that drive on my Google drive, OneDrive, OneNote, and various computers at home and office. BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT!!!

My secret keeper is missing and I don’t know where she is 😩😩😩


Fuzzz needs your help!! Any ideas where else she can look for her beloved flashdrive?? (Why am I talking in third person?? Desperation will do that to you)

Happy Harvest! (aka Thanksgiving)

While there are still snores in the air, I decided to take some time and consider the seeds I’ve sown.

I am thankful for the things that are out of my control. I appreciate that rain comes whether I think I need it or not. That the sun shines in its own schedule. That the soil has properties that are hidden from me. Knowing these few things do not need my permission to do and be what they were intended frees me up to take responsibility for every seed I sow.

I get to make a choice based on what I think is best for my seed to put it out in a field or in a pot on my windowsill. I can choose which other seeds I have may make a great companion for my seedling. Together they will thrive; complementing each other. I can use discernible evidence to know if the soil will support the cultivation of life for my little seed. Or if it will make it grow deformed from malnourishment. I am the guardian of my seed.

Some have died in my care (or lack of). Some have rooted in their purpose. Even some more just bloomed for a season and made the soil richer when it eventually completed it’s lifecycle.

I am thankful for every seed. Each has been an opportunity for me to learn to be a good steward over parts of my life that are in my hands.

Above all, I am thankful to God for giving seeds to sowers and a season for everything under the sun!


β€œFor as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater:” ~Β Isaiah‬ ‭55:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Happy Thanksgiving πŸ¦ƒπŸ—πŸŒ½πŸ…πŸ₯’πŸ₯•πŸ₯œ