Then they came for me…

“The mind of evil doesn’t change. It just changes victims when it’s eye catches sight of the helpless or weak” ~Fuzz

The Emancipation Proclamation was signed on September 22, 1862. The last slaves deep on the southern coast of Texas got word of their freedoom on June 19, 1865. That means for three years after they were proclaimed free from human chattel laws, Black people in Texas were still held in bondage.

Humans as commodity. People for a price. This is America.

Lesson learned: What we think we know is often outdated by the time it reaches our understanding.

I’m watching the news and of course not so surprised by the heart wrenching images of children in immigration detention centers. This is America.

This is stark symbolism of the US economic agenda against humanity, which we have historically devalued. Tying people to economic policies is our corporate policy. People as pawns; a tradable commodity.

Two sides of this I know, maybe even three sides.

1) Seeking asylum is NOT illegal at ports of entry. Our government officials say running from horrendous gang violence, domestic violence, and rape are not grounds for asylum, because they are not victims of a governmental entity or agenda. I call bullshit! The mere fact that local governments are so corrupt and inept is an indication that they are knowingly and willingly aiding perpetrators of violence. The regimes are through policy and practice are cohorts in creating environments that foster crippling crime and fear. When America says “nope not our problem”, we embolden criminals and spit on the pleas of victims. There is no safe place.

2) The fact that families seeking asylum have had a better chance of being approved can be and is manipulated by human traffickers/coyotes. Some level of vetting and protection must be offered to the minors. It is unfounded racial bias that says ALL MEXICANS/EL SALVADORANS/HONDURANS/NICARAGUANS are criminals first! This is fear mongering at it’s worse. Traumatize those running from trauma is a policy void of decency, compassion, or wisdom.

3) There are humane ways to process families’ paperwork and provide a safe and humane environment. We CAN afford to have the children, where there is reason to suspect that they are under questionable adult supervision, comfortably housed with actual counselors, dormitories, and sleeping cots.

I don’t feel like lying to you or with you about the heart of the American government. “We the people” do not benefit from sleep walking. We can humanely protect our borders and treat people with dignity and respect.

The realest orchestration of imagery and tone that exemplifies the violence, complacency, and symbolic patriotism that juxtaposes the conflict between who we say we are and what we actually are: This Is America-Childish Gambino

Happy Juneteenth!

🌺🌺🌺🌺Peace & Blessings🌺🌺🌺🌺

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