Which Way Photo Challenge: Sept. 27

I am super stoked!!! I saw Capt. Jill Journeys wonderful contribution to the challenge and she said Son of a Beach took over after Cee decided to stop moderating it. First of all, I didn’t know Cee stopped!!! I’ve been under a rock. I’m glad someone was ready to take the torch and keep pressing forward. I love the Which Way Photo Challenge!!!

Here is my humble contribution.

The never ending hallway.
Got a flat? Overheating? Here’s a lifeline! Gotta quarter??

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New design for old wine

Sip and Paint was the date night theme. I think we did a pretty good free-hand design set! Our 15th wedding anniversary was approaching and I have no idea where our wedding flutes are. This gave us a chance to create new skins for our old wine!

Can you guess which is mine?

Hint: I always do too much lol

My humble contribution to Cee’s Fun Foto- Horizontal Line Challenge

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel vision only works if you know where you’re going. Keep focus and keep the faith ~ Fuzz

My humble contribution to Cee’s Which Way Challege.

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Staycation: Dallas

Taken with my iPhone 6+ from a moving car as my husband drove us to our hotel. I added a Vivid Cool filter, then imported into Snapchat to add another filter layer (they don’t give their filters names). Dallas is written in Old English font.

The image and it’s edits captured my staycation experience pretty well. My husband had to attend a conference up here and it happened to be our anniversary week. He went to his workshops during the day, while I slept in and pittled around the city. I served my time on the highways (114, 121, 635) and my sense of accomplishment is inflated because I managed to survive the perilous commutes (and I’m a die-hard commuter from LA and Houston).

It is a big booming city with beautiful days and stormy nights. The museum district had some interesting sights to offer. I, of course, paid a visit to the Holocaust museum. I sincerely appreciated that the curators also added an exhibit of Ansel Adams collection of photographs of the internment (imprisonment) of Japanese Americans by our government.

Traffic was thick and heavy, but the people are light and friendly. With all the money they collect from their insane amount of toll roads, I would expect the roads to be in better condition. But whatever. Great place to visit, but I wouldn’t wanna live here (¯\_()_/¯).

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2017 Favorites

I enjoyed so many of the submissions for the 2017 Favorite Photo Challenge! I decided to look through my photos on my iPhone to see if I had captured anything worth considering as a favorite. I found three.

I changed them to b/w or sepia, because I am having these printed for my family album. Again, these were taken with my iPhone so not the crispest shots; however, each caught a moment that couldn’t be posed or recreated.

Not My Son“~My grandboy rests so comfortably in his mother’s arms, because she is his nurturer and protector at all times. The lies about Black men and women in America will never be rooted in his mind or soul. We will make sure of that.

I love all the natural lines in this photo. Her cheekbones are amazing! 😍

This peculiar man is my Daddy! He has had several strokes and seizures, which has caused him to suffer from dementia. I took him to get a new pair of glasses and he said, “Rhon-Rhon take Daddy’s picture and send it to your sister. I think I like these.”

Jump Up and Over” Mar and Rem got married! Yay!! #HappyLeighEverAfter

This shot is EVERYTHING!! And I had one time to get that genuine expression. So glad I did 👰🏽

Right in the kisser“~ My newest grandboy can’t defend himself from Grandad’s kisses ❤️

This one was posed (sorta 🤷🏽‍♀️) Levi was asleep. He kept stretching and throwing his hand back at CW’s face. Everytime CW would kiss it, the baby would snatch his hands back like “stop Granddad!” Lol

Groovy Son Come Home” ~ Our oldest son is a musician and DJ. He lives in another state. We have not seen him in 5 years. We understood the struggle that comes with being an indie artist, but boy we missed seeing him face to face. Hugging him. Kissing his face. Twisting his hair lol. We’re so proud that the music is finally paying all his bills. Now he’s renting a house with solid roommates, has a new car (still can’t picture him in a Camry, but hey it’s a sensible purchase), and he bought his own plane ticket! And we get to keep him until the new year!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my 2017 Favorite iPhone photos. I’m feeling really nostalgic right now.

DP Photo Challenge::2017 Favorites

Copyright 2017. R Frank. All rights reserved.

DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

What is a Sweet Mama to do when her grandgirl loses a tooth? Transform scraps into a toothfairy pillow!

I decided against a back pocket and went with a mouth pocket instead!

The scraps of material are taking form. But the toothfairy needs a skirt.

Some old buttons make great eyes!
A pretty skirt deserves a beautiful ribbon to tie it off!

My grandgirl called me on a Sunday night to tell me about her first loose tooth. She showed me on FaceTime how wiggly it was. She was excited and scared. I looked through my bag of scraps and ribbons and buttons while we were still on the phone. She inquisitively asked, “Sweet? What are you doing?” “Oh just about to put together a little somethin’ somethin’.”

Coins and teeth fit snuggly in the mouth pocket!

I delivered it on Monday and her tooth came out on Tuesday! Transforming ordinary things into precious heirlooms! This is the only way I know how to make memories that will last.

DP Photo Challenge: Transformation

DP Photo Challenge: Experimental

Experimental. The DP Photo Challenge would be centered around this word. How appropriate for me to experiment with sharing my photos publicly on the “experimental” week.

Whelp… Let’s give it a go! Tell me what you think 😜🤞🏽My morning cannot start without affirmation and a good cup of coffee! 😊☕️

Memories like family heirlooms come together one stitch at a time. I rarely, if ever, measure and this time was no different. The perfect handkerchief for the perfect bride!

We light up the darkness of every storm. Reflect of what’s been washed away. Be grateful for what stood against the destruction. That’s what will last!

Brilliance doesn’t need a reason. It never has to make an excuse. I took this last Christmas season at the holiday lights with my Mommy. The wisdom in it.

DP Photo Challenge