Study Right

Enjoy your day off! Reflect on why the schools and banks are closed. Study a new solution to an old problem. Have faith. Do right.

One day left! Christmas break is OVER!! 😩

We get MLK day as a reminder that governments kill the righteous to maintain status quo and then pretend like they loved em all along in order to pervert the historical record of their crimes. Yay!! But there’s no school today and it appeases my student/teacher soul. That’s lesson one: contradictions exist, but they still don’t erase truth. There is a contradiction between what I know is true and what I pretend to accept as true just so I can sleep longer. From a illusionary safe haven, I can enjoy parades and a late start to class. Power to all the people!< em><<
day is also the last day to finish building my Blackboard lessons. I waited until a few weeks ago to adopt a new edition; notwithstanding, I must appear competent with the content and prepared. Not too hard. Not too many changes. The few the publisher made are conducive to learning and were way past due. Still, we're talking about young adults in a virtual class setting. A missed placed common can throw them into panicked confusion. Lesson two: Consistency in structure is the key to consistency in results.< img src=”; class=”wp-image-570 size-full” height=”200″ width=”300″><<
en I first started teaching, I thought that young people (18-21) would easily navigate online learning platforms. I also thought they could spell without using slang and acronyms. My experience has taught me that the former and the later are not necessarily so. In some ways, they have greater difficulty adapting to the layouts and requirements than my middle aged learners.

That observation truly seemed like an anomaly at first. I've deduced that the common sense factor takes a little life experience to fully develop. No judgement intended. I think at times we all have to practice "the simplest answer is usually right" approach to hands on learning. Overthinking is flirting with the dark side. The GPA killer lives there.

< strong>Observation: Young adults have greater difficulty navigating online learning platforms.

Hypothesis: Young adults have less life experience; therefore, they are less likely to apply approaches that would seem common to a middle aged instructor.

Conclusion: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid Students) <<
least tomorrow, I won't have to get dressed to moderate the class. The purest perk of online courses. I also won't have to weather the outside chill factor to attend my final courses for this latest degree plan. Once again, I get to be the middle aged student in an online course. It may seem like I have the small advantage of knowing how the platforms are set up, but that doesn't nullify the need to study. In all honesty, I’ve had to fine tune my study habits over and over again. My pre-menopausal brain sometimes randomly deletes information πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ so notes and calendars are vital!

Enjoy your day off! Reflect on why the schools and banks are closed. Study a new solution to an old problem. Have faith. Do right.


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Sonrise: Jan. 14th

It is dangerous to allow your mind to be entertained with a superficial image of a piece of someone else’s life, because you do not consider the cost to your own soul.

My Bestest friend in the whole wide world is a bonafide jet setter. She has accumulated so many tattoos in her passport that she had to get a new one. I don’t have a passport.

When we were young, we both had visions of dream lives. She wanted to be an event planner before that was even a thing. I knew I’d be a serial entrepreneur, because I can’t do just one thing. In spite of the fact that we knew no one doing what we desired to do, we created our own blueprints.

Our decisions lead us to lives that look so different. She stays in luxury hotels 160 nights a year. Her current airline miles stretch farther than I’ve ever even flown πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. I stay home with my husband every night. I can’t sleep good without him. He and I take road trips when we can break away for a long weekend. The lives we’ve both created are fulfilling. There is no comparison between the two.

“Keep you lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” ~Hebrews 13:5

MORAL OF THE STORY: It is not profitable to look at what others have through the green eyes of envy. For one, you don’t know the sacrifices they’ve made to achieve their status. For two, when you covet someone else’s life you are only infatuated with what YOU think it is.

It is dangerous to allow your mind to be entertained with a superficial image of a piece of someone else’s life, because you do not consider the cost to your own soul. These imaginations rob you of gratitude. It steals joy. Even more, it allows you to evade personal responsibility. Choices. Consequences. Contentment.

God paints the sky in the morning and the night. The beginning and ending of our days are marked with glorious grandeur. The colors of gratitude! Enjoy your view!


Stripper Dreams

I’m not smart, because I want to be.

Hell! My nature is a hellion.

God knew I couldn’t be trusted with the curves.

So He built me like a book instead.

I was too thin to wear skimpy clothes.

So strippin’ wasn’t a viable option.

I totally would have went for fast money.

But I got a fiery temper in a stable head.

I woulda been beat to hell by addictions.

True enough, I was saved from myself.

In an alternate universe, I bet I’d choose the same life.

DP Prompt::Viable

The Big Payoff

I know exactly where I’m going. And I know how to get there. But this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to make the journey.

I’ve set out before with a road map and a bag full of aspirations. One minute the sun was shining almost too bright. The next hour there was a gale force wind storm that blew rain on my parade. I championed forward anyway, until I found out that my map didn’t have alternate routes to get around roadblocks. The road actually morphed into something I wasn’t prepared for. I couldn’t keep my feet steady. My bag of aspirations proved to be of no more value than a bag of trinkets. I couldn’t use the little I had with me to transform the landscape. I didn’t even know how to look for clues of how to use what I carried. What I brought with me couldn’t feed me; it couldn’t quench my thirst. My small possessions did give me a hint of reassurance, but no strength to survive.

This time it’s going to be different! This time I checked the weather, I packed for sustenance sake, and well now there’s Google Maps (aka my life philosophies) to act as a trusty guide. I don’t mind my hair getting wet in the rain or my skin getting darker in the sun (an umbrella can work for both of those occasions). I can appreciate what the elements bring. I have experienced enough roadblocks to know that I will come across one, but I’ve also climbed enough mountains to know how to overcome adversity. I have put myself in situations where an ounce of preparation would have been the pound of provision I needed; therefore, this time I thought about my practical necessities needed to survive.

There’s one more thing that makes my current journey different. I have purposed in my heart that one-way or another, I am going to be a paid writer!


Now accepting cash, checks, PayPal, Cash card, Square, BlueChip stamps, prayers, cookies, pies, yarn, thread, BOGO coupons, drink vouchers, and good laughs for payment!

DP Prompts:One-Way