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The Journey: for goodness self

This is the platform in which I am willing to examine myself. The end goal is to authentically live my philosophies that promote human consciousness and eradicate the contradictions that I find within my own dichotomy of self.

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Lot of my life

I saw a plot and I considered it good The land was neglected sho 'nuff The field was hostile with thorny patches The ground had unleveled sunken places My heart recognized it as home My hope of healing abandoned life The inheritance of restoration fuel hope The reality of hard work left it vacant DP... Continue Reading →

A Quitter’s Decision

"Multitasking is when you're doing a bunch of stuff half-assed, when you could be doing one thing really well." ~D. Sumling At the beginning of 2017, I was a full partner in two unrelated corporations. One was a business services firm. You know taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll. The other offers office machine repair, like copiers,... Continue Reading →

Sonrise: Dec. 10th

"The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down" ~ Psalm 145:14 A light shines over all my troubles. I can see the breaking of night into day. This gives me comfort. To know that my storm clouds and rocky places will become a majestic sight once I can view... Continue Reading →


"Boundaries" has become such a buzz word. A trendy catch phrase. Even I have herald "hold that line"! Every time! But do we really understand that the fortress we build around ourselves is designed to keep others out and to keep us in? Everyone seems to agree that we need to secure ourselves against uninvited... Continue Reading →

A Stitch In The Meantime

What do you do to pass the time while you're busy passing the time? I swear it's not a trick question. I'm just sitting here at my sewing machine to do some relaxing quilting, while I wait for my brain to process information that I read for a final term paper. The paper is on... Continue Reading →

Schoolgirl Appeal

Oh she's so pious Utterly devout Sitting with her legs crossed Cocoa thighs hanging out Look at how she's saintly Religiously astute Attire of a schoolgirl Brand of prostitute Commentary: I know that seems like an odd thing to write, but this is the dichotomy of womanhood. No matter how reserved and attentive to social... Continue Reading →

Gimme on the brain

"Gimme got his neck broke begging from his kinfolks" ~ My Uncle Tee (everytime I asked for candy money) Lil' Miss. That's my grandgirl and she is sweet as pie. No lie. I call her Lil' Miss because she is very proper in her enunciations and very rational in her thoughts. She's a wise little... Continue Reading →

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